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Metropolitan Tunnel

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FS did for a moment flirt with working a volcano-chic/ash-grey theme this week, before deciding that perhaps there are levels to which even we won't sink (rise?). So instead we've opted to celebrate another meteorological phenomenon - sunshine. It's a strange old week in England when spring sunshine doesn't result in front-page tabloid pictures of goosebumped girls in bikinis on Brighton beach. You'd have thought they've had real news to report or something. Anyway, this week FS has been enjoying the sunshine and looking for some lovely new - and yet retro - sunglasses just for you.

Over, then, to Oliver Goldsmith, who as all true fashionistas will know, virtually invented sunglasses-as-fashion-attire - his were the first to appear in Vogue. So that's both a retro and an iconic purchase, dahlings. There are some fabulous frames - we particularly love the Kolus (£195) and Koko (£205) frames (see pictures above; call 08450 533 440 or visit olivergoldsmith.com for stockists).

Sticking with the upper end, Oliver Peoples' latest collection has a fine collaboration with indie actress Zooey Deschanel. The style (£152) is a hefty nod to the ever-fashionable Wayfarer,ray bans on sale but with more of a vintage feel. We like the understated look, particularly the lack of branding.

And talking of Wayfarers, Ray Ban is reinterpreting their iconic style. The Ray Ban 4140 has a slightly smaller frame than the classic Wayfarer and comes in some nice tortoiseshell shades (£76). But if you prefer to stick to the original, we like these dual colour Wayfarers from Asos.com (£120). Too pricey? Topman has a, er, loving recreation of the style for £10. And remember, any sunglasses style that is good enough for the President of the United States of America (see coolspotters.com) is good enough for the likes of you.

Rock fall near tunnel entrance

Heavy rain earlier in the year caused a rock fall near the entrance to the old Metropolitan Tunnel. In late May Helensburgh & District Landcare group members held a working bee to move the rocks off the rail, and remove rubbish and graffiti.

Lawrence Hargrave 2015 Centenary Calendar

Don't miss out on the Lawrence Hargrave 2015 Centenary Calendar. For sale from the Lawrence Hargrave Centre for $15 + $5 postage. Email to order.

Popular Booklets Reprinted

Due to continuing demand, we have re-printed some of our popular booklets as listed below.

Metropolitan Colliery Celebrates 125 years. 1888 – 2013. Price $12 + PP

First World War Recruits Linked To Helensburgh & District (2508 Postcode)

Unknown WWI soldierOur latest research project has been on listing all men associated with the Helensburgh & District area (Postcode 2508) who enlisted with the Australian Imperial Forces for service in the First World War.

History Of Royal National Park

Judith Carrick's 'History of Royal National Park' is now available. This is the first published comprehensive history of the Park. Cost is $35 plus $3 postage. To order email jcarrick@ihug.com.au

Tom Anderson Q & A, Helensburgh Mushroom Co Pty Ltd

Growing mushrooms inside the old Helensburgh Railway Tunnel

Thank you to www.helensburgh.com.au for the following: An interview with Tom Anderson, former resident of Helensburgh and son to Mr Bill [William Franklin] Anderson and Jean Anderson [nee Griffiths] founders of the Helensburgh Mushroom Co Pty Ltd.

Bill Anderson operated a mushroom in one of the old railway tunnels in Helensburgh, New South Wales, from circa 1948 until 1970. http://www.helensburgh.com.au/history/tom-anderson-helensburgh-mushroom/

Garrawarra (waterfall) Cemetery

Garrawarra (Waterfall) Cemetery

Update on Garrawarra Cemetery.

Wollongong Council has provided a very poignant short video on the cemetery. You can find it on Wollongong Council's web page about Garrawarra Cemetery. http://haveyoursaywollongong.com.au/projects/waterfall-general-garrawarra-cemetery. There is also a great opportunity for interested persons to provide input into the future of the Cemetery via records@wollongong.nsw.gov.au before 15 November 2013 and quote the reference number ESP-100.06.010 in your submission.