Reminiscences Of Helensburgh Railway Station

Metropolitan TunnelDon Robertson’s Reminiscences of Helensburgh Railway Station


Mr Donald Robertson was in his seventies when he wrote these reminiscences in October 1979. Donald Robertson was the second son of Mr D. A. W. Robertson who was the manager of the Metropolitan Colliery in the early years following the turn of the 19th Century.


Helensburgh's Tunnels

Helensburgh’s Railway Tunnels

1st Helensburgh Railway Station

Helensburgh Mushroom Co Pty Ltd

Thank you to www.helensburgh.com.au for the following. An interview with Tom Anderson, former resident of Helensburgh and son to Mr Bill [William Franklin] Anderson and Jean Anderson [nee Griffiths] founders of the Helensburgh Mushroom Co Pty Ltd. Bill Anderson grew mushrooms in the Helensburgh tunnel from circa 1948 until 1970. Read more http://www.helensburgh.com.au/history/tom-anderson-helensburgh-mushroom/

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