Clarke, James Lesley (jimmy)

My name is James Leslie Clarke and I was born in Helensburgh on the 11 January 1932 and I have lived in Helensburgh all my life and worked in the Metropolitan Coal Mine for 35 years.


Brooks, Walter

Walter Brooks was born in Helensburgh on the 13 December 1919 and this is what he wrote about growing up and living and working in Helensburgh.

Tom Anderson Q & A, Helensburgh Mushroom Co Pty Ltd

Growing mushrooms inside the old Helensburgh Railway Tunnel

Thank you to www.helensburgh.com.au for the following: An interview with Tom Anderson, former resident of Helensburgh and son to Mr Bill [William Franklin] Anderson and Jean Anderson [nee Griffiths] founders of the Helensburgh Mushroom Co Pty Ltd.

Bill Anderson operated a mushroom in one of the old railway tunnels in Helensburgh, New South Wales, from circa 1948 until 1970. http://www.helensburgh.com.au/history/tom-anderson-helensburgh-mushroom/


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